We built a standard for proving that images, videos and audio are real using cryptography. Our mission is to defend the truth against deepfake disinformation.

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See3 allows you to prove and verify the authenticity of media.
With hardware-locked cryptographic signatures, See3 provides a robust and secure method to ensure media authenticity. It establishes a verifiable cryptographic trust chain from the device manufacturer to the final content viewer.
Seamless Experience, Bulletproof Security
See3 pioneers in digital media authenticity, grounded in zero-knowledge cryptography and tamper-proof hardware. This approach not only makes the forgery of See3-protected media highly challenging but also ensures that the integrity of content can be confirmed without disclosing sensitive details.
Our system seamlessly melds with existing platforms, designed to be unnoticeable to users and compatible with current standards, facilitating ease of use. See3 is upheld by transparent governance processes, the integrity of See3’s solutions is reinforced, establishing a dependable safety net for digital media authenticity.
Anyone Can Use See3
At the heart of See3 lies our SDK and Open Standard, working in tandem to embed cryptographic proofs directly into digital media. The See3 SDK enables developers to seamlessly integrate our authentication technology into apps, ensuring that photos, videos, and audio are captured with a verifiable seal of authenticity.
Complementing this, the See3 Open Standard outlines the protocols for these cryptographic signatures, guaranteeing their recognition and validation across platforms and devices. For consumers, this means engaging with content that’s not just real but also certified as such, bringing unparalleled trust to digital interactions.
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