We're On A Mission

In an era where digital fabrications can be indistinguishable from reality, the integrity of our digital discourse has never been more at risk. The advent of deepfake technology and the ease with which digital forgeries can be produced and disseminated pose unprecedented challenges to security, privacy, and trust. At See3, we are driven by a mission to restore these fundamental values through technological innovation and a commitment to security as our guiding principle.

The development of See3 was motivated by an urgent need for a solution that prioritizes security in the digital realm. Traditional methods of safeguarding digital content are no longer sufficient in the face of sophisticated threats that can manipulate, fabricate, and undermine the authenticity of digital media.

Our approach is grounded in the recognition that security is not merely a feature but the foundation upon which the credibility of all digital content must rest. See3 leverages the tamper-proof cryptographic hardware of modern smartphones to ensure that every piece of media created is authenticated at the source, providing a bulwark against the tide of digital forgeries.

Our Principles

Security, with Convenience: We're committed to building solutions that are almost invisible. Whilst the use of hardware-attested cryptographic signatures establishes the integrity of each piece of media, providing a level of security that software solutions alone cannot match, it requires no thought from our partners and their end-users.

Privacy, by Default: Our commitment to security is matched by our dedication to privacy. See3 is designed to authenticate digital content without compromising the anonymity of its creators, ensuring that the technology empowers users without exposing them to new risks.

Collective Vigilance: We believe that the security of the digital ecosystem is a shared responsibility. See3’s open-standard approach and its reliance on community-driven arbitration and economic incentives reflect our belief in the power of collective action to maintain and enhance security.

Our Promise

The challenges we face in securing the digital realm are daunting, but not insurmountable. See3 offers not just a tool, but a commitment to a future where the authenticity of digital media can be trusted. As we continue to develop and refine our technology, we invite collaboration, critique, and support from all who share our vision of a secure, trustworthy digital world.